29 December 2009

Christmas weekend

For Christmas, hubby, ubu and I spent Christmas eve and morning at home, then packed up the car and headed over to my sister's home in Idaho. We had a nice visit there. Ubu was quite liked by all (except me by the end, after having a few "accidents" inside). He did not have any car sickness this time. I think the use of the crate helped. My nephew was baptized by his grandpa and confirmed by his favorite uncle Dave. It was a nice simple service. I am glad that the weather cooperated and we were able to go. The roads were good all the way there and back. Hubby says that is because we bought the chains for our tires. We can return the chains in April if we don't use them this winter, which is nice. I should be getting set up to use skype. Hope all your holidays are wonderful.

13 December 2009

Meet UBU

Yesterday we finally got a dog! Yipee! I know, some of you think that I am crazy. Others have told me not to do it. I've had others that helped me look for dogs and someone else willing to bring one back from Utah for me. I was leaning towards a corgi. Almost went up to Bremerton to get a corgi from the Humane society, but in the end, decided on a miniature Schnauzer. He is a 12 week old puppy and is quite adorable, in my opinion. We were going back and forth between names of Moose and Ubu, but decided on Ubu (oo-boo). I have wanted to name a dog Ubu for a long time. When I was a child I remember watching shows and at the end of some shows, the production company would have the black lab as the trademark and they would say "sit, ubu, sit. Good dog!"
He was quite reserved when we picked him up in Cle Elum, so it was a 70 mile or so ride. I figured he was sort of freaked out because these strange people had taken him away from his mom and dad dog and siblings. Turns out, he also had a bit of car sickness. Dave held him fro 20 or so miles then handed him off to me. About 10 miles later he was feeling much better. I, on the other hand, was smelling much worse. We had to get off the free way and use some snow to try and clean Ubu and me off.