02 October 2012

Alaska Cruise pt 3 of . . .

Some of the following pictures from my cruise to Alaska may have appeared in previous blog entries in another form.  The following are basically self explanitory.  I may add some comments to them anyway.

As the ship was pulling out, I heard music, but from afar.  I then remember the referral to Hempfest on the radio earlier that day.  I scanned the shoreline and located the source of the music and decided THAT must be Hempfest.  Funny thing, my Auntie M, who was along on the cruise, happened to visit her son a year ago on the same week as Hempfest.  She has a tradition beginning.

I enjoy shooting things, framing them through other objects. Loo appreciates these type of photos, I believe.

Yes, actual name of Glacier.

shot from helipad

Moo and Squirell rode tram, Autie M and I remained behind.