12 February 2012

Mountain Moose

I was tired of seeing my blog with the same post, so I thought I should fix that. Ireally don't have much of anything to say, nor do I really want to figure out the font and underlining stuff for this post. This is how it began formatting, so I left it that way. After about four people asking me if I had seen the moose at Cost co , I decided to break down and purchase said moose. Can you tell why I named him Mountain? That is mr. B M W that I watch. He is a cutie and played along with me taking his pic for a little bit. Oh, how I chose that Pic. . . I just decided to post whichever pic popped up as the first one on the list. there you go. My life is not really that interesting, but at least there is a new post that can be up for another three months. Just to remind you all. It is my birthday in about a week and two days. Mark it on your calandars now.