05 March 2015

 They may not make you happy.  You may find them sort of ugly and clumsy. But if you know me, they do make me happy.  I didn't bother to retouch any of the photos.
The moose pics were taken at Northwest Trek.  The bull moose is the only bull they have there.  I did not see the two cow moose out in the open range area that day.  I did find out that they moved the wolves down to where the black bears used to be (there seems to be A LOT of animal deaths at this place, the black bears were gone, they have lost a couple of male wolverines. Two of the moose had died, because I had gone expecting six moose, but only four on the property).  The old wolf enclosure was then converted to a place for the cow in the picture. They claim that she did not like the bull moose.
[Since I wrote this, one more cow moose has died and the one that was by the cabin was moved to the open range area.  Turns out that it was not that she did not like the bull moose, but that she had been found as a calf and given cow (bovine) milk.  They were not sure if her bones were strong enough to withstand the mating of the bull moose.]

 It was nice that I was here by myself and I was able to sit and stare at her as long as I wanted to.  I was also able to get some nice up close pics of her.  The enclosure is next to a cabin.  The picture through the window was from the cabin.

Elk herd near Priest River, Idaho.  It was much more impressive to be there with the fog.  I am happy with most of the pics. Sad that I did not see any moose this day.