25 February 2011

for ashton

I am just finishing this up. Just in time to work on Byron's. I really like how the peekos turned out on this one, with the stripes.

17 February 2011


On Valenttine's Day, Dave did his research and picked a place to take me for dinner. He found this little restaurant not too far from us. I have noticed it before, passed it many times on my way to friends' homes. I noticed it because they have a metal moose sculpture. Y'all know me and moose. Well, I was surprised that Dave chose this place, because he hate bbq. Well, they had a v-day menu and we did not have the bbq. Well, the restaurant was perfect. . . for me, because there was moose everywhere! He lucked out, because he got mucho bonus points.
This pic is of Drew and his Peace cookie. His idear. Turned out way cute.