16 June 2012

My pics

Sisu at 4 months

Following pics were done over memorial day weekend down Hillsboro/Portland area. Most were at the International Test Rose Garden. . . or maybe the National. . . well, whatever, they were lovely roses and a loverly family. . .

 Miss A wanted a pic of them jumping down the stairs, so here is ONE of that series.
 Miss A did not want to cooperate, she wanted to be hanging upside down on one of the railings.  I ended up changing positions to get her in the photo a little better.

 Here is where I moved up the stairs to get Miss A in the photo a little better.
 Love this photo of Cynthia and miss Em

 THIS is the family photo that miss A wanted to do.  Oh so cute!
 A group of Japanese tourists walked by right about now and commented "oh, what cute family." Then Miss A snuggled up to her daddy to show how cute she could be.

 Master J's face just cracks me up.

 Back in Hillsboro.  My dogs are super cute. . . well in my opinion that is.  And that is all that counts.

The following are from this year's tulip festival.  I don't know anyone in any of the photos, if people do appear in the photos.  I they represented what you generally see at the fields.