15 April 2011

Trip to Seattle

Yesterday I planned to go to the aquarium to meet up with a friend who is coming to Seattle with her choir group from Logan, Utah. Well, I didn't realize that they were leaving Logan Wednesday night around 7 pm and driving all night. Original plans were to go to Woodland Park zoo. They changed those plans before they came, to the aquarium, as they were going on a Harbor cruise at noon. Now had I known that they were leaving after 7 pm, I could have told them that they would NOT be here in 14 hours. I guess google maps says it is about 13 hours, but PLEASE, they are riding on a bus. Speed limit for the bus is lower in most of the areas, plus I would think that they needed to fuel up at one point. Well, at about 9 I recieved a call from my friend saying that they were running about three hours behind, and they will skip going to the aquarium for the time being and go to Pike's Market Place instead. I figure, I was already downtown, so I am going to the aquarium. Now, I know there were lots in downtown, that if you are there by 9 am, then there is a lower parking rate for the entire day, instead of paying $4.00+ per hour. Well, I got in after 9, so I decided since I have a little time I would park by the Seattle Center, where I knew it had a flat rate for the entire day, and walk to the aquarium. Turns out that it 1.8 miles or so, the route I went. I did have a stroller that I was able to load up with my camera and diaper bag. I just forgot to tuck an umbrella in to go with it. It was a lovely walk down. I went by the Olympic Sculpture park, which I have wanted to check out for a while. This helped me to bypass the train tracks, which did have a couple of trains pass by while we were there. We got to the aquarium and spent a half hour before M.E.E. called and let me know they were passing the stadiums (the end of I-90). I figured that would give me time to walk up to Pike's (I at least know the shortcut to take the elevator up to the sky bridge). I get up to Pike's and M.e.e. called to tell me that they were no longer going to Pike's, but are going straight to the Harbour tour. I asked if they were down by the piers and she had no idea what a pier was. Then I asked if they were by the water, and she could not understand the word "water" because of all the noise I guess, this was my first clue they were down there, because there is a lot of traffic noise that comes from the Alaskan Viaduct. She said they were by a firestation. Ummmmm. . . yeah, that helped, but then with the other clues, I figured out it was the one on the waterfront. I did track M.E.E. down about 15 min before they boarded for the cruise (which I opted not to go on *yawn*). I went back to the aquarium with Bubba and he had lunch there and we were able to see the mammals and birds, my favorite part. The rain started pouring down and I ended up buying an umbrealla to cover Bubba. I didn't feel up to walking back to Seattle center, so I went to Pikes then went up four blocks and over one to Westlake Mall and rode the Monorail back to the Seattle Center. Very long day and a LOT of walking. So, we were walking from about 9:30 to 3:30. Sitting for 20 min for Lunch at Ivars and maybe 20 min at the Aquarium for Bubba's lunch.

08 April 2011

dog photo shoot

This is what I did today. I had two extra dogs. they all behaved pretty well for the photos.

01 April 2011

Ubu again

Well, my enjoyment today comes from the antics of my dog again. No, I did not have my camera handy. Ubu likes to make people think that I give him no attention, but he does get it. I picked up a small snack bag of potato chips at the store for free today. After I ate the chips this evening, Ubu thought it was his job to lick my fingers. Major problem with this, I was trying to type in an IM with my sister at that moment. Sort of amusing. Sometimes he does try to get me to pet him while I am typing, by nudging my hand with his nose while I am typing.

Well, one hand was NOT enough for UBU, so he balanced his right paws on my leg (which was up on the couch) and his left paws on the back of the couch. He then took a couple of steps, quite awkwardly, then leapt into my lap barely missing my laptop. I am glad that he gives me so much entertainment.