26 August 2012

Alaska Cruise 2012 pt 1 of ???

Just returned from a lovely week on a cruise to beautiful Alaska.  The weather actually cooperated for the most part.  I thought I would post a couple of pics for those that check this post, which is mostly family of the Great kind.  These will not be order. . . just because that is how I roll.
The Captain of the ship opened the helicopter pad when we went up the Tracy Arm Fjord.  I know no one in this pic. 

The South Sawyer Glacier calving.

Iceberg.  Most icebergs from the South Sawyer Glacier calve under water,  thus scraping along the bottom and picking up rock and debris.

Obligatory Great photo of family taking pics of other family members taking a photo. 

Salmon swimming upstream near Menndenhal Glacier near Juneau.

This is for Da. . . a little remembrance of our trip across country.  I really wasn't going to go on the trail.  It was closed because of bear activity.  Too bad I saw zero bears that day.

Waterfall by Mendenhall Glacier. No time to walk over by it.  Our bus driver gave us one hour here.  Would have been better to catch the blue bus over.

One of several photos with the painted pics.  Love this one.

This is a picture of the tram to the top of the mountain.  Moo and Squirrel went to the top.