25 November 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 pics

My computer decided to play nice for a few min, so I was able to upload the pics.
Grandma O is an awesome lady, from what I could gather in the brief time I was able to get to know her a little. She helped me in making the gravy (I had to give the Osborn sister's grief for buying bottles of gravy, since I taught them last year. I also didn't mind at all making gravy because I wanted to contribute more to dinner). I figured out why her two granddaughters are so brilliant, also. . . it is all in the genes.
Below is the group picture. While I had one pic that we took with the lovebirds smooching (j&c), it was just easier to +v me into a photo, instead of adding Michelle (who insisted on taking a pic with me in it :-S ).

Here is Jacob rocking out. I am glad I got him to sing so I didn't have to use the "cheese" photo. Isn't he adorable?

Why yes, Earl, I did hand Emily to you just to see what you would do with her. Thanks for letting me get one photo of you looking at the camera. Emily was much more cooperative.

Thanksgiving 2011

This year we were able to celebrate Thanksgiving with John and Cynthia's family, the Hickman's, Earl and Grandma Osborn. I am so glad that they invite us to celebrate with them. Cynthia, Michelle and Troy are the most excellent cooks. Lil Elizabeth also puts together a mean fruit salad, with the addition of pomegranate (grandma's contribution) made it awesome.
I made sure that Earl had a little Emily time. I did click photos of it. Michelle wanted group photos also, so I obliged. I was not above bribing Jacob to be in the photos. Candy cars are great for this. It was a very nice Thanksgiving. . . plus we were able to see an episode of Psych which just topped off the day!
I am having issues with adding a photo, so I will have to post this then wait for my computer to stop having issues to add the photos.

13 November 2011

Nothing New. . .

Nothing new to report. . . just the same ol' same. Wait, I am going to be watching child #4 beginning the day before Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to watching BMW. He will be three months old. I met his dad as the family came to check out the digs last week.
I picked up a Radio Flyer wagon last Friday at this large KID's sale, consignment type sale. I hope to use it as a prop in pictures.
I may have pneumonia. The radiologist that read the chest x-ray would neither confirm nor deny the exhistance of it. I decided to go to NW Trek and see moose on Friday with some friends. I figure that I would at least die happy, plus I had the plans before I had the pneumonia. We were able to see three of the four moose that reside there, and one of the three we saw was the bull moose, which I have named Waldo. I scored a NICE wall plaque at about 55% off, it was to be 40% but the sales lady gave me a little bonus. I need to probably take down one pic over my mantle and hang it up there.
I am looking forward to Thanksgiving Dinner that shall be shared with my favorite cousins that live in Oregon but will be in Shoreline.