19 March 2011


My hubby decided that he wanted to take advantage of our year membership to the EMP. The EMP stands for the Experience Music Project. It is perhaps the funkiest looking building in Seattle. Some have said that they are more impressed with the outside than the inside. Hubby really enjoyed playing the drums, which he hasn't done in many years. It wasn't too bad on my part either.
It is actually the EMP/SFM (sci-fi museum). They have a special display for Battlestar Gallactica. Now I know more than I really cared to know.
After the EMP, we decided to ride the Monorail to downtown. Now, there is only two stations to the Monorail, Seattle Center and Westlake Center Mall. We bought a round trip ticket, because I was not going to walk back to the Seattle Center. We rode to WestLake Center, walked around to a few stores. Sat on this tiered area outside the Mall, only to be told by security, that no one is allowed to sit there, since it is private property owned by Starbucks. Good grief. We moved on.
My feet now feel as if they will fall off at any moment.
I would post pictures of the day, but then again, I did not take any pictures.
If you want to check out what the EMP looks like, then google or bing it.

09 March 2011

Candy Landy

We played Candyland today and guess who won? I did not even throw the game.

Ubu didn't play, but I thought he looked cute with the board game.

05 March 2011


Ubu has been acting quite strange lately. He has a towel in his kennel. This is also the place that he eats. When he is given his bowl of food, he rubs his nose in the towel. Almost looks like he wants to bury the bowl of food. Perhaps he dislikes the smell of the food. It really perplexes me. He eventually does eat the food. In the pic above, he is in his favorite spot of late, on the back of the love seat, yes, that is MONK that he was watching too.