19 January 2011

Feels like a new place

I lucked out and have a great friend who has a generous sister. The sister just moved and decided to redecorate. We were able to get a few items, that while filled our overflowing home to bursting, but now I suppose I have more storage. While you really can not see it, I was able to procure a desk for my dear hubby. You can see the back of the hutch that sits on the top of the desk through the hole in the wall there. You can see the buffet that I had said no to (because people tell me I need to say no to bringing stuff into my house), my hubby said yes. So I allowed it in. It is a real pretty piece, seen under the bar to my kitchen.

I received an entertainment center. The sister had larger tv, so the vent hole is larger, than we need, but hey, I don't mind.

The last two pieces we received were our favorites. A shelving unit that is 9' long and about 8' tall. We also received the sleeper sofa that folds out into a twin size bed. Have not yet tested it, but I am sure it is quite comfy.

You may notice the blocks on the shelf "e" "h" "m" "o", while some may think it was meant to spell "HOME", especially since we received it as a house warming gift. It spells out "Ow, Eh?" a tribute to the Canadian Olympics. I can just imagine Canadian officials watching a sporting event, someone crashing and the official saying "ow, eh?" There you go. My friend tried to set it up saying Home, but I refused.
Just so you know, I am getting a big wiff of stinky diaper, Yuck! Maybe it is just Ubu farts.