26 November 2010

Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving. This year we spent it with my cousin John and Cythia's family. It took us a wee bit more time to get there than plan, not because the roads were bad from the snowstorm on Monday, but due to traffic congestion. They invited us to bring our dog, Ubu down. Ubu enjoyed his trip and making new friends with the kiddos. I think Jacob was the most taken with Ubu, or as he calls him, Wubu. Jacob and I spent a good part of the hour out into the converted garage playroom playing playing with Ubu.

"Hi, Wubu!"

This is the face I got when I asked for a smile. Got to love that face!

Gonna ride sister's bike. . . if only I can get on the seat.

Cranium massager.

Sit Ubu, Sit. Good DOG!

"Wubu, see my bellybutton?"

Jacob playing dog with the dog, and Ubu doing what dogs do best.

Playing ball with Wubu.

Yep, there's the dog.

Here, check this out!

There's that "smile" again. Serious about his Harley.

This is how much she loves her Uncle Peter.

Check out the shirt!

"Check out my Hello Kitty jacket and Hello Melody Watch."

Ready to jump off the bottom step. Serious buisness.