25 November 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 pics

My computer decided to play nice for a few min, so I was able to upload the pics.
Grandma O is an awesome lady, from what I could gather in the brief time I was able to get to know her a little. She helped me in making the gravy (I had to give the Osborn sister's grief for buying bottles of gravy, since I taught them last year. I also didn't mind at all making gravy because I wanted to contribute more to dinner). I figured out why her two granddaughters are so brilliant, also. . . it is all in the genes.
Below is the group picture. While I had one pic that we took with the lovebirds smooching (j&c), it was just easier to +v me into a photo, instead of adding Michelle (who insisted on taking a pic with me in it :-S ).

Here is Jacob rocking out. I am glad I got him to sing so I didn't have to use the "cheese" photo. Isn't he adorable?

Why yes, Earl, I did hand Emily to you just to see what you would do with her. Thanks for letting me get one photo of you looking at the camera. Emily was much more cooperative.

Thanksgiving 2011

This year we were able to celebrate Thanksgiving with John and Cynthia's family, the Hickman's, Earl and Grandma Osborn. I am so glad that they invite us to celebrate with them. Cynthia, Michelle and Troy are the most excellent cooks. Lil Elizabeth also puts together a mean fruit salad, with the addition of pomegranate (grandma's contribution) made it awesome.
I made sure that Earl had a little Emily time. I did click photos of it. Michelle wanted group photos also, so I obliged. I was not above bribing Jacob to be in the photos. Candy cars are great for this. It was a very nice Thanksgiving. . . plus we were able to see an episode of Psych which just topped off the day!
I am having issues with adding a photo, so I will have to post this then wait for my computer to stop having issues to add the photos.

13 November 2011

Nothing New. . .

Nothing new to report. . . just the same ol' same. Wait, I am going to be watching child #4 beginning the day before Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to watching BMW. He will be three months old. I met his dad as the family came to check out the digs last week.
I picked up a Radio Flyer wagon last Friday at this large KID's sale, consignment type sale. I hope to use it as a prop in pictures.
I may have pneumonia. The radiologist that read the chest x-ray would neither confirm nor deny the exhistance of it. I decided to go to NW Trek and see moose on Friday with some friends. I figure that I would at least die happy, plus I had the plans before I had the pneumonia. We were able to see three of the four moose that reside there, and one of the three we saw was the bull moose, which I have named Waldo. I scored a NICE wall plaque at about 55% off, it was to be 40% but the sales lady gave me a little bonus. I need to probably take down one pic over my mantle and hang it up there.
I am looking forward to Thanksgiving Dinner that shall be shared with my favorite cousins that live in Oregon but will be in Shoreline.

10 September 2011

25 August 2011

the blankets

I decided to make a couple of baby blankets for my most favorite cousins who had babies recently. Well, the pink and green one evolved first. I was talking to my cousin, Moo, checking to see if Loo would be okay with this sleeper I had found and bought for Loo. It happened to be pink with pink and green polka dots and a frog on it. Loo has had an adversion to pink for years. Our grandma I guess bought her three or four parkas when she was young. They happened to be ALL the same pink and white check, just different sizes, so she would always have one that fit. (I personally never knew that they were different coats). Well, while talking with Moo, I sort of thought it would be "cute" if I made a blanket that had the pink and white check. I was at the fabric store and found the flannel back (pink check), then I saw the frog on pink. . . wow, it was matching the little sleeper so well (loo likes frogs) The green polka dot topped it off. I thought the pink/white butterfly complimented it well. The peekos (triangle edging) had to be lined (I love how they alternate horizontal/vertical when folded). I had some green with white scroll fabric that finished the top off great.
I do peekos, because my childhood blanket (which I still have), had peekos. I remember sucking my thumb of one hand and fingering the peekos with my other hand. I loved slipping my fingers in the different triangles.
I then decided to do Coo's baby a blanket. That was a little more difficult, but it turned out PERFECT for them. The back matches their kitchen decorations great, which just was by chance. I loved the yellow and red ladybug and daisy fabric. It was originally going to be purple and green. I am so glad it morphed into the final project. My mom did help a lot on the pink blanket, and I wanted to give her credit and thank her for her help. I messed up cutting the peekos for the red quilt, otherwise she would have helped on that one too.

21 August 2011

Great Day

Don't think I need to say much about these. Those that know them are probably the ones looking here. I love this first photo. Not staged. They were just watching tv and Miss E looked up at her Daddy. Sooooo. . . Sweet.

Who can stop Super Boy from flying off?

10 August 2011

playing today

Today was a good day. Drew and Em came to play. Ubu can not claim to be ignored today. While inside, Ubu has tended to become more withdrawn from the children and hiding in his kennel or up on the top of the loveseat, so little hands don't grab him as easily. Outside today was an entirely different story. Ubu was the center of attention. He had Bubba trying to play ball with him with a variety of balls- three tennis balls and a soccer ball and Drew playing chase and tug-o-war with Ubu's stick. Here are a few pics from the day.

I think this was Drew's favortie pic, because he was running and in a blur. I like it too.

Em ended up going for a nap during most of our outside time. This was her game. . . biting the spoon when you tried to take it out.

08 August 2011

03 August 2011


When my parentals were in town, we went to a local roadside produce stand and bought corn on the cob. One of the cobs ending up having four cobs in one husk. I had never seen this. Perhaps this is how they get the small cobbetts. Only problem with this corn was. . . all the ones we bought this time tasted NASTY (okay, my ONE cob tasted nasty); perhaps I cooked it too long. Perhaps I am just prejudice toward a certain farm's corn, or I am just losing my taste for corn.

Bubba AND Ubu both have a little of the green eyed monster in them (yes, they are jealous creatures). Lately I have had to resort to holding them both, and Ubu has taked to sitting on my shoulder, so Bubba and I both get to give Ubu hugs.

A lady in my ward was having twins. Well, I had THE PERFECT fabric for A receiving blanket (it really reminded me of the mom), so I wanted to get another piece, so I could do the matchy-almost-matchy blankets or the "twinner" blankets. Turns out that they did not have the one fabric that I wanted, so I went for the hearts. I also went for the green, since it matched the green hearts so well and was not typically girly. The twins are girls, but these should work. Oh, if you can not tell, there are two blankets in the photo, and I am sort of sad, because one ended up being bigger than the other.

14 June 2011

not what I was going to post

I decided to just put up a few pics. I went to post another picture, but decided to crop it first. I cropped it, but then the pic disappeared from my folder, so at this time, you don't get to see THAT picture. You will just have to settle for these. These were from the Tulip festival back in April of this year. Okay, actually the narcisus is from my friend's yard, but the rest were up at the festival. I think the tree with Dave below, might be dying. Then again, it might just be brown. Yes, Dave is taking a picture of me taking a picture and NO, I don't feel like finding the coresponding photo of me taking a picture.

15 April 2011

Trip to Seattle

Yesterday I planned to go to the aquarium to meet up with a friend who is coming to Seattle with her choir group from Logan, Utah. Well, I didn't realize that they were leaving Logan Wednesday night around 7 pm and driving all night. Original plans were to go to Woodland Park zoo. They changed those plans before they came, to the aquarium, as they were going on a Harbor cruise at noon. Now had I known that they were leaving after 7 pm, I could have told them that they would NOT be here in 14 hours. I guess google maps says it is about 13 hours, but PLEASE, they are riding on a bus. Speed limit for the bus is lower in most of the areas, plus I would think that they needed to fuel up at one point. Well, at about 9 I recieved a call from my friend saying that they were running about three hours behind, and they will skip going to the aquarium for the time being and go to Pike's Market Place instead. I figure, I was already downtown, so I am going to the aquarium. Now, I know there were lots in downtown, that if you are there by 9 am, then there is a lower parking rate for the entire day, instead of paying $4.00+ per hour. Well, I got in after 9, so I decided since I have a little time I would park by the Seattle Center, where I knew it had a flat rate for the entire day, and walk to the aquarium. Turns out that it 1.8 miles or so, the route I went. I did have a stroller that I was able to load up with my camera and diaper bag. I just forgot to tuck an umbrella in to go with it. It was a lovely walk down. I went by the Olympic Sculpture park, which I have wanted to check out for a while. This helped me to bypass the train tracks, which did have a couple of trains pass by while we were there. We got to the aquarium and spent a half hour before M.E.E. called and let me know they were passing the stadiums (the end of I-90). I figured that would give me time to walk up to Pike's (I at least know the shortcut to take the elevator up to the sky bridge). I get up to Pike's and M.e.e. called to tell me that they were no longer going to Pike's, but are going straight to the Harbour tour. I asked if they were down by the piers and she had no idea what a pier was. Then I asked if they were by the water, and she could not understand the word "water" because of all the noise I guess, this was my first clue they were down there, because there is a lot of traffic noise that comes from the Alaskan Viaduct. She said they were by a firestation. Ummmmm. . . yeah, that helped, but then with the other clues, I figured out it was the one on the waterfront. I did track M.E.E. down about 15 min before they boarded for the cruise (which I opted not to go on *yawn*). I went back to the aquarium with Bubba and he had lunch there and we were able to see the mammals and birds, my favorite part. The rain started pouring down and I ended up buying an umbrealla to cover Bubba. I didn't feel up to walking back to Seattle center, so I went to Pikes then went up four blocks and over one to Westlake Mall and rode the Monorail back to the Seattle Center. Very long day and a LOT of walking. So, we were walking from about 9:30 to 3:30. Sitting for 20 min for Lunch at Ivars and maybe 20 min at the Aquarium for Bubba's lunch.

08 April 2011

dog photo shoot

This is what I did today. I had two extra dogs. they all behaved pretty well for the photos.