26 April 2014


This year I invited us to my older sister's place.  I did the inviting back in November or so, because I have some fabulous family that invites us to celebrate with them before my sis gets a chance.  We had a nice visit.  We drive East to get to my sister's (get the East-er title. . . hahaha).  My sister just adds to her stash of plastic eggs every year. I am quite certain that there was well over 150 eggs (for about 3 hunters).  We filled them all and then Mal, Dave and I hid the eggs in the backyard.  I am quite certain, at least it felt as such, that it took more time hunting the eggs than it did hiding them.  We would have to encourage the hunters to keep going. It was fun to watch the oldest hunter point out eggs to his younger brother and cousin.  My sister also made fabulous food for brunch and dinner. I was also able to see all of her children.  Missed out on seeing "B" (her second son's son).  I endeared myself to "A" (her daughter's son). My niece constantly had to tell me not to give him more sugar. Also, entailed me to take him for ice cream with Mal when she asked me to help watch him for an hour. 
Both mornings I went "moose hunting",  I saw elk and deer, but no moose. Over all, it was a very good weekend.

03 April 2014


Buzz hands
This is our "hats" that B has chosen for us.  I hear he has a bowl and colander at home for him and his mama.  He makes me wear the crate over my eyes, but today he was not keeping to his own rules.

11 March 2014


Yes, I was able to get my webcam to function.  That was the downside of switching to windows 7 prof.  I have to admit the windows 8 was much more friendly for the webcam.  You may now play "which dog is Ubu and which is Sisu". 

05 March 2014

Post # whatever

 It is just one of those days.  Wanted to post something, so just grabbed some pics of my childhood. I figure that most of my siblings, well the ones that are in the pics with me, don't ever look at my blog.  Perhaps one sibling does, but she is younger than these pics.  I won't name the people in the pics either.  I can't even tell you the name of the horse that I am sitting on.  It did belong to my grandpa.  One of the rare times that I ever sat on a horse at the ranch. Four of the pics were from a trip up through Idaho and Wyoming via Logan.  Try and figure out which four.  Lastly, are you not jealous of our styling clothes?