25 January 2010

Dog park

I took Ubu to the dog park that is about 8 miles from our home. I think he liked it, although he spent most of the time socializing with the people rather than the dogs. Of course, most of the dogs were bigger than him. He learned quick that he is on the bottom of the dog pile. He did finally start barking again, when he was on a platform above the other dogs.
There was a little 5 year old girl at the park. Her and her siblings really took to Ubu. I said that they were welcome to hold Ubu, since I wanted him socialized with children. She came over and started asking questions such as : "so, you don't have children of your own?" "Are you married? Do you want kids?" She then declared that I should probably think of adoption. Usually I would probably think this was a bit too personal, especially from a 5 year old, but it sort of took me aback. This little girl was obviously adopted herself. I played dumb and asked if she had been adopted and she said "yes!" Then I asked "where from?" and the reply was "China!" So sweet!. It gave me something to think about.